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You are about to become a watershed stakeholder. Your job is to find a solution to a water quality issue.
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Where would you be without water? From flushing toilets to cooking food, washing and growing crops, water is essential to our daily lives. Water is also everyone’s responsibility. Increased demands from industry, a growing population, and drought call for a careful analysis of how our water is used.

WaterQuest is based on Alberta Environment’s water management program, Water for Life: Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability and is intended as a learning supplement to the Grade 8, Freshwater Ecosystems unit. WaterQuest is designed to increase student awareness of human impact on our watersheds and to encourage responsible and sustainable watershed practices.

As students work through WaterQuest, they take on the roles of watershed stakeholders trying to reduce the impact of their actions. Through research and hands-on field activities, students learn to appreciate different interests at stake and ultimately discover that everyone lives downstream.

Your role is to facilitate and guide students rather than teach them.
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Field activities are designed to supplement what’s learned during the quest.
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WaterQuest is a joint project between EPCOR & Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development