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Editorial by
Mayor Mark Workman

Recent studies indicate that our town, L’Eau Falls, will soon face a water crisis if preventive measures are not taken immediately.

Government tests of our reservoir show the quality of our drinking water is rapidly declining. With so many different sectors relying on our water, it is becoming contaminated.

The L’Eau River running through our town is also in jeopardy, as its water levels are steadily dropping. This has been occurring over the last 20 years as the strong economy has been attracting more people to the area for business and recreation, but now, the strain on our water supply is beginning to show.

Although our economy has benefited financially, if river levels continue to drop, people may be forced to discontinue their activities that depend on the river, and tourists could disappear if recreation areas are forced to close. People could loose their jobs and local businesses would suffer.

My immediate concern for residents is to ensure safe drinking water. One solution is to install home filtration systems or build a water treatment plant to process river water for drinking. Both of these options, however, are expensive for our town of only 5,000 and there is no point in building a treatment plant if there is not going to be enough river water left to treat.

Sector groups affected by the water crisis.

The Environment Commission has asked our town to conduct a study of the river stakeholders, and help them find ways to reduce their negative impacts on our water source in the hopes that we won’t have to install expensive water treatment equipment. "I encourage you to attend a stakeholder conference and help support the study of our watershed."

We all need water to live, and we all rely on the same water source. It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to protect and preserve our water.

Mark Workman
Mayor, Town of L'Eau Falls