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Utilities Sector

Includes stakeholders from: Water Treatment Facilities, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Storm Drainage, Water Quality Commission, and Compost & Recycle.

Local utilities need to access the river to do their job. If there isn't enough water, or it becomes too dirty, businesses will have to cut back operations.

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Stewardship Sector

Includes stakeholders from: Water Standards, Environmental Lobbyist, Government, Watershed Alliance, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific & Culture Organization).

Everyone is responsible for the health of the watershed. More care needs to be taken to ensure there is clean drinking water for all the living things that depend on it.

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Industry Sector

Includes stakeholders from: Oil & Gas, Land Development, Forestry, Bottlers, Pulp & Paper.

Without enough clean water to support the town, people could be forced to leave and businesses may move or close down. This would cost the town a lot of jobs, and a lot of money.

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Agriculture Sector

Includes stakeholders from: Ranching, Feedlots, Crop Farming, Irrigation, Green Houses.

Cutting back on land use due to water shortages or quality issues would reduce product yields, and L’Eau Falls residents may be forced to pay more for food that has to be grown elsewhere or trucked into town.

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Recreation Sector

Includes stakeholders from: Fishing, Golfing, Water Sports, Off-road Vehicles, Tourism.

If the river is polluted and there is only enough water for town residents, tourists would stop coming to L’Eau Falls for their vacations, and the town will lose out on a lot of tourist dollars.

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